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Welcome to DSS Training Academy

SSG20 The Recruit known as DSS TRAINING ACADEMY INC (Diplomatic Security Protection Training Program) the worldwide standards of Diplomatic Security Interim Training has presence in United States and West Africa, offers more than 20 years of expertise in deploying security guards and provides guard services worldwide for embassies, government subsidiaries, foreign dignitaries and foreign diplomatic personnel.

The first step in the physical fitness process in order to become a security officer is to pass DSS Training Academy physical fitness training test, a 4 weeks preparation program (New Hire and Pre-Academy Exam).

​DSS TRAINING ACADEMY PHYSICAL FITNESS EXAM. This exam is also the same one candidate must successfully complete just prior to entering the academy.

We are a security officer training academy that offers multi-tiered in classes courses aimed at providing recruits with professional-grade security personnel skill sets.

The DSS Training Academy curriculum also includes intensive training in defensive tactics, practical exercises and the physical fitness. Several tests will be administrated in all areas to monitor the progress of each agent.

DSS Training Academy provided security training and education of the internal DSS GLOBAL AGENCY Workforce.

DSS TRAINING ACADEMY LTD - is a privately owned and operated training center, maintaining officers in the mission areas to handle training, administrative and support issues.

DSS Training Academy, Inc known as DS TRAINING ACADEMY LTD has a presence in Nigeria, West Africa and the Middle East.  

Joint Force Training Centre
The Joint Force Training Center (JFTC) is a DSS GLOBAL AGENCY, INC is headquarters and is licensed in United States, responsible to DSS Training Academy, United States and Africa Command Center at Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The Joint Force Training Center, started on September 31, 2017, focuses on joint and combined training at the tactical level. In particular, it focuses on the conduct of joint tactical training to achieve joint tactical interoperability at the key tactical interfaces.  

As a priority, the JFTC provides support to the DSS First Response Force (DSS) joint and component commanders in the training and exercising of the DSS, focusing on joint and combined competences.JFTC supports the force in ensuring that each DSS rotation achieves a high level of interoperability, flexibility, and extensive training as a combined and joint force, in order to be fully ready at the beginning of the duty cycle. ​