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Academics in the DSS Training Academy are very intense. You will be exposed to a course of study that will challenge you on a daily basis. The Academy course of instruction covers multiple disciplines (such as law, use of force, and communications, etc.), in a very short period of time, requiring active classroom participation, and demonstration of your understanding of the topics through evaluative processes.

All instruction at the academy is based on Adult Learning Theory that is significantly different from the formal education processes you are familiar with from elementary, high school, and college. You will be expected to be an active participant, use appropriate problem solving and decision making skills, demonstrate understanding by practical application, and display cognitive comprehension at various levels. Good study habits are essential. You can expect to study at home an average of four hour each night in order to be successful.

The Academy is 12 weeks long and is divided into two phases. The Operations Phases trains recruits in the basic knowledge, skills and abilities, required of a Security Officer. Tactics Phase builds on this and instructs recruits on advanced subjects, tactics, use of firearms, and emergency vehicle operations.

Physical Fitness and defensive tactics training are integrated through the academy on a daily basis.

There are 10 written tests in the academy. Additionally, there is a final comprehensive written exam, critical policy test, and the Dss recruit security officer’s Standards and Training (SOST) test. Recruits must pass the BSIS POST test to be certified as a security officer in the State of California. There are nine practical application evaluations, known as Unit Training Reinforcement Evaluations (UTRE). There are also practical application tests for firearms qualification, vehicle operations, and advanced tactical skills. The final practical exam is the Practical Application Comprehension Test (PACT). This is a six-day practical evaluation of your ability to apply everything you have learned during the academy in a simulated patrol environment. All UTRE and the PACT are PASS/Fail. Written tests require a minimum passing percentage score. This percentage varies from test to test.

There are 36 test points in the academy. Failure of any test point will result in a written academic counseling. Recruits will then be given up to four hours of reinforcement training, if applicable, and then re-tested. Recruits who pass the re-test will rejoin their class. Failure of the re-test will result in a failing that unit of instruction. Recruits who fail a unit of instruction will be remanded to an academy academic review board. The board will determine if the recruit is eligible for recycle to the next academy class or if the recruit will be terminated from the academy. Recruits can only be recycled one time. Failure of any test point in a subsequent academy will result in automatic termination from the DSS Training Academy.

Prepare yourself for the level and intensity of study required at the academy!