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Course Description

The DSS Training Academy's  is BTP Close Protection Program designed to ensure that the basic knowledge and skills are developed, that will enable each operative to effectively discharge their complex responsibilities, corresponding to the standards of international Diplomatic Security Services. The "BTP Course" provides an intensive instruction for attendees at the DSS Training Academy,Inc known as DS Training Academy Ltd Nigeria. We are looking for people with the right attitude.

Our training facilities are administrated by the DS Training Academy. The "BTP Course" was originally designed for DS GLOBAL AGENCY LTD trainees only.

​A.Introduction-General Orientation covering Company philosophy stressing our concern for delivering a quality service to our clients, our organizational structure, career opportunities within Diplomatic Security Services, LLC known as DSS Global Agency, Inc,  and various incentive programs offered by the Company.

B.Duties and Functions of a Security Officer – This section describes what a Security Officer is, what is expected of him/her, and how he/she is viewed by the public and the client. It also reinforces Diplomatic Security Services, LTD, Kampala rules and regulations.

C.Fire Prevention -This section aids the guard in identifying what constitutes potential hazards. It outlines procedures to follow under several sets of circumstances and how to report the situation. Fire prevention and fighting and control measures are emphasized in this area. The guard learns the types of fires and how to extinguish fires using proper extinguishers.

D.Report Writing – The officer learns to be observant through several exercises testing this skill.

The relationship to observing and accurately reporting is emphasized. What to include in the report is discussed by using the basic elements of a report, i.e. Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. The incident report is used as a tool to practice their skill.

E.Authority and Arrest – This is a discussion about the actual authority of a security officer including But not limited to the following:

1.Police Powers vs Private Guards

2.   What Constitutes an Arrest?                     

3.   Power to Arrest

4.   Problems of Arrest

F.   Public Relations – This section discusses communication skill, appearance and attitude. Emphasis is placed on how these elements affect the projection of authority and professionalism.

G.  Emergency Procedures – Types of emergencies and disturbances are discussed such as:


3.Bomb Threats