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DSS Training Academy Prior to 2012, the DSS Training Academy known as SSG20 The Recruit provided security officer on-the-job training to California Department of Rehabilitation (DoR) and other U.S Government personnel, employees of U.S Government and when sponsored by authorized DoR components, employees of foreign governments.

In 2012, the DSS Training Division assumed these functions. DSS Training Division operates under the management of the DSS Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DSSCSA), formerly the Diplomatic Security Services (DSS) and focuses on the training and education of internal DSSCSA security workforce as well as external security professionals within industry and the U.S Government.

DSS Training Academy is leading source for training of security Officers in United States and Nigeria. We are confident that the courses that we teach will not only keep our students engaged, but will also help them retain the information that they learn. 

All of our security officers training programs use multimedia, audio, interactive activities and quizzes to keep our students interested in what they are learning.

DS Training Academy offers a private job board for all subscribed students. Students will have the ability to search available jobs in their area and can also opt in to communication from security guard.

DSS Training Academy works with DSS GLOBAL AGENCY to help them train and maintain records on all of their security officers. We also work with DSS to help them promote job openings to fill positions with qualified candidates.


DSS’s Recruit Training Manual

Academics are a major component of the explorer training academy at Center. Each week, recruits are required to take a radio codes test and a spelling test. Additionally, recruits are required to take copious notes during all lectures and presentations, that have to be neatly re-written in an outline format and submitted weekly in a cumulative notebook. Each recruit is responsible for submitting a current event paper that covers any topic relating to law enforcement and a motivational “Word of the Week” definition each week. Each of these assignments are graded and count toward the recruit’s overall grade point average (GPA).

Using their weekly notebooks as a study guide, recruits are required to take a mid-term and a final written examination, covering the various lectures that they have received.

A minimum GPA of 70% must be achieved and maintained throughout the explorer academy training program.

Recruits are afforded the opportunity to make up tests that they miss, during their lunch period.

The training academy staff make themselves available to provide study and note taking tips to any recruit who is struggling with the academic portion of the academy program.

Recruits (Parents/Guardians/Post Advisors as well) are kept advised of their academic progress and grades by accessing the Recruit Progress Reports.